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It took us 10 years to get the right solution. Earlier, we had tried both developing our own solution and hunting the market for an ERP but they were too costly. My small business could not afford that kind of an investment.

Info Edge has 3-4 main lines of business, Naukri being the most prominent one. Naukri processes ~6000-7000 sales orders every month, which is huge given the kind of business we are in. For years, we had been using largely homegrown systems, which over a period of time hit limits on their ability to take higher volumes and larger variety in terms of products, features and adequately meeting customer needs. Such systems typically fail to keep pace - not that they cannot but there’s a cost to it.

We took the bold decision that the day we go live we will stop the legacy system altogether. That was one of the main reasons why we could implement it successfully in our kind of setup where people were used to working on a certain platform. They were used to looking at a particular kind of screen. All that changed overnight.

It is the first most important step to ensure that your business is ERP ready.

For any business planning to implement an ERP solution, it is very important to understand the business environment that you operate in – both from internal change adaptation capability and the external environment in terms of risk that you are planning to address.

Inventory Planning calls for having adequate storage space.

The kind of improvement I would have liked to see in the inventory after implementing ERP – we have not. But that is not related to the installation of InstaNAV nor is it a limitation of the system; it is more related to our internal processes which are not mature enough to take advantage of it. To maintain proper inventory, we need a bigger space; we need to absolutely double our storage space so that we can bin everything and put the bin numbers in the software. So that process is still on.



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