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It is imperative for every ERP hunting company to get a good partner, a good solution provider – someone who really understands and appreciates your requirements and also is in sync with your vision. What is it that you’d like to see at the end of the road and then, is your partner in sync with your vision. Then he designs your vision – you see it being formulated in front of you by somebody else. For that your vision needs to be completely aligned. That is something which a good partner who understands you can deliver at any time.

CRM has enabled us to track some key metrics – previously neglected – such as the number of incoming calls in a day, the number of calls related to each SKU, average time per call, the number of closed calls, the number of pending calls, calls transferred to cases and their status.

We had been, in the past, using Sun systems for Financial Management. But despite being there it was of little use – as much as not being able to generate a trial balance or a ledger, even that was required to be done manually. We were using excel sheets extensively.

Our journey around the system platform started nearly 3 years back when we were growing in a really big way and we were looking for a platform to help us manage our multiple grants – we had a lot of grants coming our way. We were also faced with a lot of compliance requirements about reporting, about income calling, about audits related to that; and we were never sure whether we were really doing everything to the optimum efficiency levels. We were really challenged at that stage and we were looking out for a solution.

Zync Global is a telecom company and we have built a customer base of over 5 million since November 2011. We use the CRM primarily for customer care & service function. Gradually, we have logged our entire customer data into the CRM and added new records. CRM helps us in tracking the number of customer additions and gives us a holistic view of customer information.

The kind of improvement I would have liked to see in the inventory after implementing ERP – we have not. But that is not related to the installation of InstaNAV nor is it a limitation of the system; it is more related to our internal processes which are not mature enough to take advantage of it. To maintain proper inventory, we need a bigger space; we need to absolutely double our storage space so that we can bin everything and put the bin numbers in the software. So that process is still on.

First & Foremost - Perform a Need Assessment

For any business planning to implement an ERP solution, it is very important to understand the business environment that you operate in – both from internal change adaptation capability and the external environment in terms of risk that you are planning to address.

Save The Children works through a lot of partners. We don’t work directly on the ground, we work through partner NGOs. Lot of local Indian NGOs, 110 of them are our partners. We fund them and then they do the work on our behalf; and we monitor and report back. That’s the mechanism of working.

ERP has helped streamline our logistics processes to a great extent. Now the moment a truck enters, an entry is made in the ERP system. This enables us to monitor the turnaround time - what time the truck comes in and what time it goes out. It gives insights to the logistics manager so that he can improve the turnaround time and supply chain efficiency.

Our biggest challenge was that each department was working on a different database. This was the cause of various problems. For instance, the costing team would have its own database – it would do a costing, give it to the marketing officer who would then send it to the client and get the order. Once the order was booked, the design team took over. Now they had a different database to work upon and sometimes it clashed with what the marketing officer had quoted for. Sometimes the marketing officer himself had an issue that the design team would add something on a bill of material but not cost for it. Or conversely, sometimes they would cost for something and not mention it – so the company lost money.



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