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ERP has reduced the fund transfer time to less than 24 hours in most cases

Save The Children works through a lot of partners. We don’t work directly on the ground, we work through partner NGOs. Lot of local Indian NGOs, 110 of them are our partners. We fund them and then they do the work on our behalf; and we monitor and report back. That’s the mechanism of working.

Get Faster Turnaround, Greater Supply Chain Efficiency

ERP has helped streamline our logistics processes to a great extent. Now the moment a truck enters, an entry is made in the ERP system. This enables us to monitor the turnaround time - what time the truck comes in and what time it goes out. It gives insights to the logistics manager so that he can improve the turnaround time and supply chain efficiency.

Create a Unified Database

Our biggest challenge was that each department was working on a different database. This was the cause of various problems. For instance, the costing team would have its own database – it would do a costing, give it to the marketing officer who would then send it to the client and get the order. Once the order was booked, the design team took over.

Deliver Consistent Customer Experiences

We operate our travel & tour business in India from 53 branches, each of which maintained independent accounts & databases. Such decentralization created a problem – all the branches had control over their independent operations but none of them was aware of what was happening in other branches.

Providing multi-skill training to employees has enabled us to do more with relatively less manpower

ERP certainly brought my entire organization on a single database; but it also resulted in the need to train my existing employees in different fields. Earlier we would have needed special skills for each department because my whole organization was driven by skills of individuals, not by a standard system. Now that I have a standard system I would like to make better use of my manpower. I have realized that a lot of changes are needed to make effective use of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP – I need to change some of my processes also.

Tracking of Inventory & Its Ageing Is a Cakewalk with ERP

One of our challenges was tracking the inventory and ageing of the inventory in real time. While this was a limitation in our legacy system, Microsoft Dynamics ERP has helped us overcome this to a great extent by providing as and when information of the inventory level across all locations.

A Unified System for All Business Processes Saves Money Besides Accelerating Operations 

Fashion And You decided to move into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment about 4 years back. But, unfortunately the entire implementation was always stepped down to the level of just Financial Management and the need to automate Warehouse Management was overlooked – it was still being managed by a legacy systems.

Critical Shortage Warning Helps Us Procure on Time & Cost Effectively

MRP is critical for us because we follow a JIT system with the customers. We have export consignments; so in order to meet our delivery commitments, we need to plan our production accordingly. If there is a delay in production, we have to airlift the material instead of sending it by ship – that is premium freight. It is an additional cost to the company. Accurate inventory records are absolutely required for MRP to operate correctly and this delay in production is mostly a result of lack of inventory.

Train to Use and Motivate to Adopt

One of the problems that we faced post implementation was to get the users to accept the new ERP system. Over the years, they had grown used to a particular interface on their laptops & computers. If suddenly, they see an entirely different interface – there ought to be some resistance. That was the beginning of a new battle – to get them to use the new system - Gradually, Readily & Effectively.

An ERP is what you make of it

Our main concern from the very beginning – when we talked to Alletec or when we started looking for an ERP – has always been inventory. To get accurate inventory levels at any given point of time has been the main focus area. And a lot of other people at that time told me that “You’ll get everything else from the ERP, but the inventory levels.” So we were quite determined to prove that wrong.



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