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The information systems infrastructure at an amazingly large number of organizations continues to be characterized by pockets of information, perhaps a basic accounting package and a set of operational data often maintained manually using an office tool. Crucial operational decisions regarding purchase, production, order commitment, distribution and inventory management are judgmental and usually dependent on the wisdom of key employees. These organizations are unable to manage their inventory levels effectively, negotiate better prices by timely planning and consolidating purchases, and know the effectiveness of their sales & distribution network within time. They are often unable to know their customers (needs and behavior) well enough or maximize the advantages from their supplier relationships.

Automated business processes and integrated business applications are the two fundamentals that go in the making of a successful growth company. Business systems for Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply-Chain Collaboration and Customer Relationship Management have become a must have for efficient and progressive enterprises. Enterprise data doubles itself every 9 months and these enterprise systems are necessary to manage and leverage it.

Alletec helps your people measure financial effectiveness, gain insight into business performance and work better together by providing you world class ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics.


A good ERP solution should help you:

  • Maintain control of your finances and manage them with a high level of efficiency.
  • Make complete, current financial information and reports available to anybody who needs that information to perform business planning.
  • Simplify and automate routine and repetitious functions so that your employees can focus on more critical tasks.
  • Create the required financial and other reporting that is needed to realize regulatory compliance.
  • Connect your entire supply chain in a productive, fast-moving flow to help streamline manufacturing and reduce inventory carrying costs.
  • Increase efficiencies in distribution to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of doing business.
  • Fulfill the potential and increase the loyalty of your workforce while minimizing the cost and complexity of administering salaries, benefits, recruiting, and performance management.
  • Accomplish project goals and achieve outstanding results within budget, on time, and with excellent resource efficiency.
  • Look deeper into key performance factors and pinpoint your most profitable customers, most efficient vendors and potential issues within your organization that require swift action.
  • Meet the unique needs of your industry with specialized functionality tailored to your vertical industry business processes.


Your business can look forward to these capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions:

Microsoft Dynamics offers effective business intelligence and reporting solutions that you can put to work immediately. They can let you look deeper into key performance factors to help pinpoint your most profitable customers, most efficient vendors and potential issues within your organization that require swift action.
Collaboration capabilities available in Microsoft Dynamics solutions can make your company's offerings and key business functionality readily available to customers, employees, and business partners. Because both the portal and collaborative technology are activated in a smooth setup, you can offer site users a wealth of information and efficient, collaborative processes very quickly after implementing Microsoft Dynamics.
The executive management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions help you access all the information you need, including tasks, reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs), through a single intuitive dashboard. These executive dashboards provide a quick and effective way to gain business insight, helping you to monitor growth, compliance, and even environmental impact.
The financial management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics software solutions give you a way to raise the visibility of financial metrics and the effectiveness of financial management and accounting throughout your organization all using familiar tools and existing skills. Strong financial management, made possible by Microsoft Dynamics, helps you establish a firm foundation for realizing the potential of your business through strong, manageable growth.
Microsoft Dynamics offers financial planning, budgeting, and reporting applications that work with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to help you measure business results, align performance to goals, and improve profitability.
Microsoft Dynamics human resource management software solutions can help you fulfill the potential and increase the loyalty of your workforce while minimizing the cost and complexity of administering salaries, benefits, recruiting, and performance management. Microsoft Dynamics solutions will help you empower your employees, boost administrative productivity, and design the best workforce for your business.
Microsoft Dynamics is designed with easy IT management, configuration, and development in mind, so the technology supports your business and empowers your people to perform even better. Moreover, as your business grows, you can adapt Microsoft Dynamics to meet your business and technology needs.
With a wide spectrum of tools and technologies, Microsoft solutions for project management give your people the tools they need to accomplish project goals and achieve outstanding results. Microsoft Dynamics project management solutions help you control costs and improve profitability, streamline project management, and achieve optimal productivity from your resources.
Microsoft Dynamics offers extensible, familiar software for supply chain management (SCM) that can help reduce barriers to productivity and efficiency and help your organization deliver what customers need, when they need it. Microsoft Dynamics solutions provide your people with tools to enhance individual and team productivity, streamline operations, and collaborate effectively.



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