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At All e Technologies, accelerated growth is what we are pursuing and it is imperative that the team will have to work on similar pace and expect accelerated growth in their career path too.

To manage our aggressive growth plans and prepare us for the business challenges ahead, All e Technologies is all set to add a few select people to the team. Self-driven individuals, preferably having the exposure to both multinational organizations and startups, craving to handle responsibilities and risks, having elements of entrepreneurship and a high depth of professional skills would be the ideal candidates.

Senior Managerial candidates will have an impressive personal stature in industry and should be capable of representing Alletec. They should have excellent client servicing, organization building and leadership skills, besides a very high level of competence and an impressive track record in their respective areas of specialization.

Lead level candidates must have the ability to work with and lead a group of people. They must have the exposure and the knack to understand explicit and implicit business requirements of the customer, internal or external. Having a pleasing personality is necessary to effectively perform these duties. The person must have good communication skills, knowledge and the confidence to represent the organization in external forums. Should have impressive client servicing, organization building and people leadership skills. Acquiring appropriate and relevant certifications will be a plus.

Team member cadre personnel would have bright academic background, good communication skills and the urge to learn and adapt. Good knowledge of your respective areas of work is a key parameter.


Choose your Career Path @ Alletec

Associate Consultant- A person who joins Alletec with one or less than one year’s experience. They will participate in projects as team members. While participation in all phases of SDLC may happen, the primary contribution will be in the development phase of a project. Knowledge and proficiency in more than one Technology platforms shall always be a strength.

Consultant- After initial stint as an Associate Consultant, one moves to the role of a Consultant where one has additional responsibility of customer interaction. Consultants form the foundation of the delivery capabilities of a ‘Fulfillment’ organization like Alletec. The role in a project may vary depending upon the stream of the Consultant like-

  • Functional- Someone with proficiency in a functionality like- Financial Accounting/ Manufacturing/ Sales& Distribution etc.
  • Technical- Someone with experience in developing business applications and knowledge of various technologies like Java, Microsoft Technologies etc.

Senior Consultant - With experience, a member moves to the role of a Senior Consultant. This is a very demanding role. Where on one hand, Senior Consultant needs to have mastered the technologies that he has been working on; he/she also forms the most vital source of guidance and training for the Consultants. A Senior Consultant would be capable of taking charge of the development responsibilities of a defined part of the system and work with his/her team to complete the task with high quality and within time, including a fair amount of client interaction.

Managing Consultant- A Managing Consultant would continue to be on top of the technologies he/she works on. This person is someone who would be managing one or more projects or teams and is expected to have independent responsibilities. He/She is likely to be in touch with the client on a day on day basis and would be directly responsible for project execution, cost control etc. Appreciation of client handling skills therefore becomes extremely integral. Effective communication also assumes high importance.

Principal- As one moves up the career ladder, one can grow up to become a Principal who is a focal point within the organization. Here he/she takes charge of the complete account(s). A Principal works to build customer relationships, provides assistance to the project teams and works as an interface with other internal departments. He/She will work closely with the other members of the management group to position Alletec as a leader in its field of core competence.


At every step of your growth you learn something new and acquire for yourself a credential(s) that would prepare you for the next position. At every stage your competencies will be monitored and suitable responsibilities entrusted.

If you are ready to enhance your professional career and explore a world of opportunity with All e Technologies, then you are at the right place.

Interested in working with Alletec? Submit your resume.

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