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Why Do Your Staff Hate The New ERP? And What You Should Do About It?

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Train to Use and Motivate to Adopt

One of the problems that we faced post implementation was to get the users to accept the new ERP system. Over the years, they had grown used to a particular interface on their laptops & computers. If suddenly, they see an entirely different interface – there ought to be some resistance. That was the beginning of a new battle – to get them to use the new system - Gradually, Readily & Effectively.

What is most critical here is to justify the shift. Through various sessions, we shared with our staff members the rationale behind adopting the new system and the benefits over the previous system. We also arranged training programs to make them familiar with the interface & demonstrate new features. Almost 80-90% of my staff has already accepted it; and the rest are expected to follow.

It is rather essential to welcome change in the contemporary business setting. Unless & until we take new initiatives, there is little possibility for business growth. For businesses to grow, we must invent & accept new concepts, new technology, new practices and new approaches. And to accommodate these, one must first analyze who is going to use them and make sure that the users/staff are motivated to welcome the change. In the absence of staff cooperation, no new initiative can be truly successful.

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