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A Successful ERP - Fact or Myth?

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An ERP is what you make of it

Our main concern from the very beginning – when we talked to Alletec or when we started looking for an ERP – has always been inventory. To get accurate inventory levels at any given point of time has been the main focus area. And a lot of other people at that time told me that “You’ll get everything else from the ERP, but the inventory levels.” So we were quite determined to prove that wrong.

When we started the ERP, we had taken a very conscious decision that we will not do any customization. We didn’t start with a feeling that we will modify it to our convenience. We decided to try and use it the way it is.

When we start something, the first thing we want is to get it moving. But as we move ahead, we realize that maybe we need to pick up. ERP is running automatically, but still there are certain inputs that are required from our side. For instance, we have worked out the shop-floor routing but we have not put in the machine hour working time. So this is yet to be done in the ERP from our side or Alletec’s side together as a team, only then will the desired results come. To achieve this, we need to use the ERP a little more. At the moment if we have defined only the shop-floor, what we probably need to do is define the machine hours, and then the processing or the whole routing or movement of the material has to be defined in more detail in ERP. This is what we have to do to get the desired information.

What shouldn’t be done is bypassing the routing given in the ERP, it’s only then that you can get the results. For example; if we create an invoice without creating a backup, this should not be done. We should follow the system irrespective of the fact that there is a momentary delay; it is worth it. Once there is a mess in the data, you cannot sort it out.

We have been able to get a reasonable amount of inventory information, primarily because we have tried to follow a lot of discipline; but other areas as I said are not moving and need to be worked upon.

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