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A Good ERP Partner Engages & Educates - Consistently

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When we started implementing ERP, we had 6 consecutive failures before tasting success. Unfortunately, we got some very bad implementers initially. They handled us miserably. One of our initial partners, who was implementing ERP in our company, did so much of customization that was not really required and was never actually used – making it a failure. Honestly, I used to think that I had made a mistake.

Now we are with Alletec and I feel there is no problem. We are very happy. The team is very friendly and always approachable. So whenever I need any help, suggestion or improvement – I just have to pick up my phone and call them. The team understands everything about our business and the process flows. I think it is very important that the implementer should understand the customer like a doctor understands a patient. If the doctor doesn’t have the history of the patient, he cannot treat a patient. So I think Alletec knows how we have grown and how the processes function here.

The implementer should not expect the customer to know everything. Sometimes it is important to share, proactively, what are the new functionalities which are available in the system which can be used. If there is something new today – a new functionality, for instance – of which I am not aware; I wouldn’t ask for it simply because I do not know it exists. But, it is important that if there are some good functionalities which we are not using, the solution provider should bring those to us. If we find that it is of use to us, we will definitely use it. I am sure there must be lot of things which are available in the product which I am not aware of and which could make us much better; but for me to anticipate what I need is impossible because we are always carrying out production – we are busy from morning till evening in our processes.  So it is imperative that the partner educates the customer of evolving features & functionalities that will benefit business. It is also important to meet the customer once in a while & seek feedback or resolve issues.

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