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2 Steps To Driving Enterprise Solution Adoption

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Single Platform. Multiple Demonstrations.

Since we were already using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, everybody was so used to using NAV that implementing & getting people to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM was not really a challenge. All the icons, the look & feel of the platform, the interface – everything was familiar. So it was not something which was totally new for us. Everybody knew how information was flowing across NAV, so when we bought CRM, it was not really a very big challenge in terms of change management.

It is also about how to make it acceptable to the end users - You have to demonstrate. Initially, when we started the ERP implementation, nobody was keen about it. Everybody thought their work will increase, they will have to do too much of writing. But we told them that they have to do nothing, but just choose from amongst options already created in the system, or enter numbers. The people understood that if they don’t have to write and just have to key in some digits, it’s ok. Moreover, once he enters anything, it doesn’t have to be done again. If he is making some mistakes in entering, the system gives an error message and doesn’t accept the data. So the system also helps avoid mistakes which he would have normally made, if the work was being done manually.

Today, I think, everything that we do here is totally on Microsoft Dynamics platform. The biggest advantage is that once the information is fed, we don’t have to re-feed again. So people realize that the amount of work they have to do using Dynamics is much less than the amount of work they would have to do manually. Everybody is happy, if you just switch it off for two days you will see the panic it will cause because without ERP & CRM, nothing works in this company.

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