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ERP Makes Document Management Simpler
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ERP Makes Document Management Simpler

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One of the key drivers of any organization is IT. When I travelled abroad, I saw that a function is being performed by a very few people. Here, in India, everything is done manually – papers get transferred from one desk to the other; and in the process they get either lost or damaged. Storing and retrieving them is a problem. Handwriting is also an issue, everybody has a different handwriting. When somebody writes something on a document, not everybody can read it. But if you have a something coming out of a system, which is already documented, the case is different.

When we were implementing ERP in our company, a lot of people disputed over it, including some of the very good consultants. They said that CHW doesn’t need an ERP at this stage. It is too small as a company to implement an ERP. But we knew it was required despite having had 6 implementation failures. We hoped that the next one would be a success story.

Now, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV running in our organization, the basic data is entered first and the same data is used everywhere across the organization. So you don’t have to rewrite everything again and again. In our company, there is hardly anything that anybody is doing by writing now. Everything is coming from the system. So the issue of handwriting, legibility and understanding – they are over. The documents are crystal clear, whoever reads the document draws the same meaning.