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How Can You Help Your ERP Partner?

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In most industries, businesses have a wish list of what they want from an ERP. But unfortunately they do not know how they want it. We had 6-7 failures to be honest, and that is when we realized that we were making a blunder. Every time a solution provider would come to us, we did an analysis of why is it that other companies are able to successfully implement it whereas we are not able to do it. We eventually found that there is a very big gap. We ourselves did not really know, as to what we wanted.

In an ERP implementation, we have to first understand the key functions in the organization. Then those functions need to be enlarged with a magnifying lens to open the processes within each function. Then we need to see how each process flows. Then we should decide the formats and documents we need.

If I say I want this report, then how can that report be made unless I provide the format. If I say I want this report in this format, and this is the format, then it becomes very easy for the implementer to implement it, because otherwise he will come with a different format and I will say I don’t want this format, this is not something I want; this looks different from what I wanted. So, in the very first instance, I should map my process and provide the documents on the basis of which I want the reports to be made – then the task of the implementer becomes very easy.

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