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When Your Homegrown System Hits Limits – It’s Wise to Get an ERP

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Info Edge has 3-4 main lines of business, Naukri being the most prominent one. Naukri processes ~6000-7000 sales orders every month, which is huge given the kind of business we are in. For years, we had been using largely homegrown systems, which over a period of time hit limits on their ability to take higher volumes and larger variety in terms of products, features and adequately meeting customer needs. Such systems typically fail to keep pace - not that they cannot but there’s a cost to it.

Also, now since we are a listed company, we have to assure the third parties that what we are using internally for recordings, sales bookings, accounting etc. is a standard package. The combination of both these factors prompted us to look for an ERP solution. The advantage with ERP systems is that they are fairly robust and scalable – unlike our homegrown system which was not all that scalable and was beginning to pose problems related to product features, things could not be changed very quickly and the reliability of the data was also somewhat questionable. We could either totally redo it from scratch or get a new system, an ERP. We did the latter – we chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

NAV has changed the way we do things. For instance, we have a Resume Database Access Product. Our old system would have been able to handle a resume database access product for 3 months at X price. Now what happens in the market is you need multiple combinations, not just a three month combo. As I said, not that it could not have handled it, but it would need to be done & redone from time-to-time in a big way. And that to do is a big effort. However, in NAV we got a product customizer module built which is better equipped to handle these kinds of combinations. Even if we decide to add new parameters in future, it wouldn’t be a big thing to manage. On the other hand, typical legacy systems in any organization are made quickly – to address the needs that are there at that point in time and those that probably seem to exist somewhere on the horizon.  But over a period of time lot of changes occur – creating new needs which can be met only with a more efficient and robust business solution.

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