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Running Legacy System & New ERP In Parallel Might Not Always Be The Best Way To Make The Shift

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We took the bold decision that the day we go live we will stop the legacy system altogether. That was one of the main reasons why we could implement it successfully in our kind of setup where people were used to working on a certain platform. They were used to looking at a particular kind of screen. All that changed overnight.

For the main factory locations we did not run it in parallel even for a single day. We had issues related to training, speed, hardware and software. It took us almost a year to get over those issues. Things were very chaotic - somebody would call up from the warehouse and complain; “The invoice is not working, 50 trucks are waiting, drivers are shouting, what should we do, what have you done, how will this happen?” and all sorts of things. People from far off places like Chennai & Cochin were complaining about speed.

But the best part was that the management was supporting it. When there is an alternative, people always tend to take the easier route. So we decided to shut the old system completely & work on the new system. We decided to bear the pain for some time and face the problems, come what may. This helped us stabilize and use ERP successfully.

For the depots, however, the systems did run parallel for sometime because of the backlog issue. We deputed staff to feed the backlog into the system - they got into it day & night and brought it up to date. Since then, there has been no looking back. We are happy with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and have recently upgraded to the latest version."

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